Thursday, 29 December 2011

Theme-Based Bridal Shower Decorations

bridal shower decorations

Decorations are an important part of the bridal shower. They are based on theme. Once you decide a bridal shower theme you can easily arrange the decor as per the need. You also have to consider bride’s hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. Decorations consist of centerpieces, hanging decorations and balloons.

Theme-based Decorations

Love and Romance Theme – For this theme, candles, and vases filled with roses, romantic music, chocolates etc will be excellent for decoration.

Beach Theme – Fake / live Palm trees, string lights, fishnets with shells, surfboards, beach chairs and umbrellas lend a real beach feel to the venue. If you can book a beach location for this theme, nothing beats it!

Camping Theme – Mother Nature is the best backdrop for this theme. You can add tents, real / fake bonfire, lanterns etc. Also, backyard barbecue theme can be mingled with this.

Chocolate Theme – Heart-shaped homemade chocolates, balloons, streamers, chocolate fountain for centerpiece, chocolate cakes can make a good decor.

Christmas Theme – You can add Winter Theme with this and decorate the venue with either traditional red and white decorations or go for winter colors such as blue, white and silver. Santa poster with reindeers, sledge and fake snow made of cotton lends a Christmassy feel to the venue. Santa’s miniature gift sack can be an ideal centerpiece as well as a favor. Christmas tree, snowflakes adorned with rhinestones, miniature snowmen add to the decor.

Eco-friendly Theme – Real small plants, potpourri as a centerpiece, glass dinnerware add to the elegance and lend a beautiful feel to the eco-friendly Bridal Shower. Hurricane Vases adorned with votive candles can make excellent centerpieces as well as replace electricity and contribute to the cause.

Bridal shower centerpieces such as hurricane vases with flowers and candles look very beautiful and emit an almost ethereal glow to the venue! Miniature bride and groom make oh-so-cute centerpieces and can also be handed out as favors which can be used by the guests as decorative articles in their homes.

These are a few popular themes and the decorations that would lend an elegant look and feel to them.

The mantra is –

  • keep in tune with the theme

  • choose the venue carefully

  • be creative
    You will definitely end-up throwing the cutest Bridal Shower for the bride-to-be!

  • Wednesday, 28 December 2011

    What to Wear for a Bridal Shower

    bridal shower
    There are so many different things which could be done with your personal wardrobe when it comes to a bridal shower. Initially, you are like- “Oh, what should I wear for the shower, I don’t have anything!” when in fact, you do have loads of stuff right there in the closet and are just too lazy to remove something and iron it out for the event. I am not blaming you; I am extremely guilty of the same, so I am just speaking out of personal experience.

    To be fair though, different kinds of bridal showers require different types of outfits.

    Formal Bridal Shower Wear

    If the party is black tie or cocktail themed, then it is alright to put on your favorite cocktail black dress. For guys, a simple shirt, pencil thin black tie with black trousers and slim belt, would make one look quite dapper at the shower.

    An All Girlie Affair

    If it is just a party thrown for all the lady friends of the bride, then guests are allowed to wear their favorite summer dresses with matching shoes (provided the shower takes place in the spring or summer, of course). Hats could be used as accessories if it is an open air venue. Lean towards dresses sporting girlish colors like hues of pink, red, yellow, violet, and purple.

    For winter bridal showers, the most recommended clothing would be pink, maroon, or lavender colored parkas, scarves, mufflers, overcoats, and long jackets (depending upon how cold it really is).

    Garden/ Tea Party Bridal Showers

    For garden/ tea party themed bridal showers, guests are advised to wear shades of green or white. Women may decorate their hair with lilies, lilacs, and leaf crowns around their heads. Men may wear casual polo shirts paired off with loose fitting and stripped cotton pants.

    The same color coding holds true for beach themed parties, except instead of shades of green, people are encouraged to try out hues of sandy yellow, light brown, and sea blue.

    So now you know what to wear for a bridal shower! Hoping to see you look killer at the next bridal bash!

    Monday, 26 December 2011

    Bridal Shower Gifts-Butterfly Themed

    bridal shower gifts

    Have you been invited to a butterfly themed bridal shower and have just no clue what to present to the bride on her grand shower day? Well, fret no more as you have arrived at the right place. For the sole purpose of demolishing your woes and confusion over bridal shower gifts having a “butterfly theme” for the bride, we have compiled a number of items related to butterflies in some way or the other, which would make perfect bridal shower gifts for the bride (and, incidentally, some of which will make ideal bridal shower favors for the guests at a butterfly themed shower as well).

    So without further ado, here is the list of butterfly gift items-

  • Photo frames adorned with butterfly designs and miniature butterflies attached on the fame
  • Wine glasses sporting elegant butterfly watermarks on them
  • Butterfly shaped candy dishes prepared from porcelain or china
  • Pretty little bracelet with butterfly charms attached to it
  • A set of butterfly shaped floating candles
  • A dainty white butterfly themed white garter from Lillian Rose
  • A ladies’ handbag themed with butterflies and made from smooth white satin
  • Bookmarks with a butterfly motif
  • Golden butterfly hairclips
  • Butterfly brooch encrusted with semi precious stones
  • White beaded butterfly themed guest book (also from Lillian Rose)
  • Butterfly shaped cookie cutters (come in all sizes)
  • Butterfly letter opener (Check out the glass butterfly letter opener by Murano Glass Collection)
  • Butterfly purse caddy/ handbag holder
  • Butterfly wine bottle stopper (yes, there is even a butterfly themed wine bottle stopper!)
  • Stylized butterfly candle holder
  • Elaborate butterfly shaped perfume bottles (Choice Crystal Collection has one such design perfect for gifting to a bride on her bridal shower)
  • Butterfly designed photo albums
  • Butterfly based candles
  • Butterfly wedding napkin rings
  • Butterfly themed flower girl basket

    Well honestly, there is no end to finding butterfly oriented bridal shower gifts for the bride either online or even at your nearest mall. Whatever you choose, ultimately it is the thought that counts behind the gift. Cliche, but true.

  • Monday, 19 December 2011

    Bridal Dress Game

    bridal dress game

    Bridal showers are events of nostalgia and where elders give advice to the bride on her future life. However, that does not mean there is just no space for fun and merriment. We have some wonderful bridal shower games based on the bridal dress, simply for your pleasure.

    Drawing the Wedding Gown Bridal Shower Game

    Give your guests a pad, paper, and a pen each. First ask them to write their name on the paper.
    Next, ask them to put the pad over their heads.
    Ask them to put the paper on the pad (with the side where they wrote their names facing downwards towards the pad so that the blank side is facing upwards). Now, ask them to imagine how the bride will look on her wedding day and tell them to draw her in that avatar on the page over their heads. Hilarity ensues. Give them ten minutes for their sketches and then collect their pads. Show the drawings to the bride and let her choose the lucky winner. (Don’t let her turn the pages to see the names on the underside of each sheet of paper).
    Another variation of this game is, instead of making the guests draw the gown on the top of their heads, blindfolding the guests and making them draw the gown according to their imagination.

    Hand Corsage Matching the Bridal Dress Game

    Show the design of the bridal dress to the shower guests. Now, supply the raw materials- scissors, laces, flowers, fern, ribbons, artificial ornamentation, stalks, wire cutters, baby breath, and light mesh. Give them about 40 minutes to prepare a hand corsage matching the dress and pattern of the wedding gown. Once the time is up, collect all the corsages from the guests and give them to the bride for selection of the winner. If a corsage is particularly well made, the bride may wear it on her wedding day. Either ways, a great way to collect fun shower mementos for the bride!

    So those were our top suggestions for bridal shower games- bridal dress, apt for an all girls’ showers. So unleash your guests’ creative skills and let them sparkle at the wedding shower.

    Wednesday, 7 December 2011

    Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts

    Even though it is an accepted tradition, throwing a bridal shower can always be slightly embarrassing as it dictates that we ask guests to get gifts for the bride. No other occasion is as explicitly "gift grab" in nature as a bridal shower. For this very reason it is important to try and even things out by handing out shower favors to your guests as mementos of your immense appreciation. It is always important to have these return gifts and along with these gifts, you could think of "add-ons" to enhance the shower favors.  Sometimes it is lovely to add some poetry along with the favors you are returning to your guests. An artistic touch always makes the favor feel that much more personal and irreverent, without costing you an extra single penny for the effect. If you are searching for the tips and examples on how to pen poems which will accompany your favors, then fret no more as you have come to the right place. We also have suggestions and examples for bridal shower guests when it comes to writing poems meant to accompany their shower gifts for the bride.

    So without much further ado, voila, our suggestions for bridal shower poems with gifts!

    Tips While Wording Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts (Favors)

    While wording a favor poem, emphasize on your gratitude to the guest/ guests for their gifts and attendance at the shower. Make sure that you express how much their presence at the event really meant to you and the soon to be wed couple. Here are a few examples:-

    " For MJ's bridal shower,
     we asked you to shower her aplenty,
    you kindly did as we requested,
    now please accept this favor,
    as a token of our limitless appreciation "

    "Far and wide you searched,
    to get the perfect gift for our bride to be,
    We couldn't have asked for better,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution,
    as Anne embarks on a new journey in her  life,
    you gave her just what she needed,
    so take this tiny favor as a sign of our gratitude,
    let the memories it brings with it,
    remain with you as long as the happiness and joy in the newly wed's' marraige,
    a long time that is, needless to say!"

    "Your mere presence at her shower,
     Would have been more than enough to please sweet Daisy,
    but that you found it in your heart to get her such a wonderful present,
    brings about a different glow to her world altogether,
    So here's celebrating Daisy's wedded future and your magnanimity,
    With a humble token of our gratitude".

    You may recruit the help of a calligrapher to help pen these words with a flourish on smooth wooden or cardboard placards attached to the wrapped favors with pretty little ribbons.

    Tips While Wording Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts (For the Guests' Presents for the Bride)  

    Of course, it is not just the bridal shower organizers who may include poems with their favors, but also the guests with their gifts meant for the bride. It would be an incredibly thoughtful gesture, creative, unique, and the fact that you decided to include it on top of presenting a gift is sure to floor the bride. In this case, your emphasis should be on your hopes and wishes for the bride and groom's future, plus tentatively hoping that your gift brings a lot of joy in some way or the other in their wedded life. Here are some examples for the same:-

    "You are crossing the threshold into a brand new world,
    here's something which will make your journey a little smoother,
    a little more familiar.
    Hoping for the very best in your future with Adam,
    Amy, this present is to remind you how much we love you".

    (Followed by name of guest/ guests, if they are a couple or a family)

    "Dearest Stacie, your life will never quite be the same again,
    as you get ready to exchange vows with your beloved Harry.
    But do not get too invested in your husband and your marriage-
    to the point of forgetting all about us,
    which is why we give you this token,
    to remember us as the years go by".

    "Sweet Bethany, never imagined you to make the big leap so fast,
    yet here you are, about to take the plunge, amazingly with no signs of cold feet so far!
    Oh Beth, how you have grown up!
    Don't you ever forget about me!
    So take this gift and keep it close to you,
    it will help you maintain a place in your heart,
    for me, your close friend Andrea".

    So those were our suggestions regarding bridal shower poems with gifts when it comes to heightening the sentimentality of the gift, be it a shower favor from the bridal organizer to the guest or a shower gift from guest to the bride. Whatever the case, just be sincere and true to your personality while scripting the poem. Go on now! Feed the thirsty, untapped poet inside you.

    Thursday, 24 November 2011

    Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

    bridal shower favors
    The point of every bridal shower is to, as the name literally suggests, shower the bride with gifts for her future life. Basically, you are blatantly asking people to make an investment of their time and money just for the bride. In this economy, frankly that is asking for a lot. It is only proper to show a sign of your appreciation to your guests by giving them a token of your gratitude. Yes, we are talking about bridal shower favors. Here are some bridal shower favor ideas which would be highly appropriate for your bridal shower:-
    Bridal Shower Candles
    Candles are perfect ideas for bridal shower favors. You can obtain all different shapes, sizes, and designs of candles which would make for some unique bridal shower favor ideas. Scented, globular, sticks, no matter what the make, these candles are the perfect mementos for your bridal shower guests to cherish for the rest of their lives (or at least till the candles last).
    Candlesticks and candle holders make for some good favor ideas too.
     Cutesy Teapots and Cups
    One of my favorite bridal shower ideas for favors happens to be cute little teapots and cups, made from either delicate chinaware or metal. The fun thing about miniature teapots and cups is that you could pack them up in similarly cute little boxes, wrapped up in pretty, frilly, pink laced ribbons. It cannot get much sweeter than that!
     Engraved Thank You
    This is a highly unique kind of bridal shower favor which would make for a token of lifetime remembrance for the bridal shower guest. All one has to do is take a wooden or metal slab and have a common thank you message engraved on it along with the personalized name of each shower guest on their respective favors. The message could be akin to something like the following:-
    “Dearest [Guest’s Name], We cannot thank you enough for your contribution to our future. We will cherish and value your gift for the rest of our lives together, using it to help us remember the joy you shared with us as we were preparing to take a big step into a whole new world –[Bride and Groom’s Names]”
    See to it that you do not exceed more than a certain word limit.
    Miniature Crystal Figurines
    Another brilliant kind of bridal shower favor would be tiny crystal figurines. It could be figurines depicting a loving couple in their wedding suits, two cozy lovebirds, or glass hearts. The available options are limitless.
     Bridal Shower Favors For an ‘All Ladies’ Affair’
    For a bridal shower comprising of only women, you could choose from the following range of possibilities- fancily wrapped lotion bottles, perfumes, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, heart-shaped pendants, charm bracelets et cetera. If you would prefer, you may prepare a favor gift bag comprising of more than a couple of these items, one for each guest to take home and enjoy.
    How did you like our list of bridal shower favor ideas? At the end of the day, it does not matter how cheap or extravagant your favors happen to be, what matters is being appreciative of your guests for the effort they took to add an extra shine to your bridal shower.

    Wednesday, 23 November 2011

    Bridal Shower Guest Book

    bridal shower guest list
    Bridal showers happen to be as close to the bride’s heart as the wedding itself. After all, a wedding shower has its own distinct identity separate from the wedding. Wedding showers tend to focus on the bride having a fun time with her family and close ones while the wedding is her union with her future husband and all about having a great time with him. So, it is essential that you make every effort to have the shower as memorable as the wedding itself. That is the role of the various incarnations of the shower guest book after all. The guest book primarily contains the bridal shower guest list which reminds the bride of her happy moments.
    Let us have a look at the different variations of the bridal shower guest book as it exists:-
    Different forms of Bridal Shower Guest Book
    Photo Albums
    What could be more festive than vibrant photo albums displaying a range of classily pasted images from the shower?
    Kodak moments are priceless and while happiness may not always last for every second in real life, it will be frozen in a photo forever, especially if the photos are taken on the day of the shower. Many bridal shower ideas can help you assist in making different albums in a unique way. It is a common practice for a bridesmaid to take the photos of guests with the bride when the former just arrive with their gifts and then stick the photos into the guest book. One such suggested combination are Polaroid photos stuck on Adesso Albums because this way, the photos are obtained immediately, through the photos the bride keeps track of who brought which gift and the guests can immediately sign and write their messages on the guest book before leaving the party.
    Porcelain Memories
    Another unique way for the guests to sign and leave their messages is not with the help of a bridal shower guest book but with different porcelain plates patterned in different designs. The guests may write with special pens meant for porcelain on these plates which the bride could then display proudly on her kitchen or bedroom wall.
    Memento Birds
    With the help of twigs and branches, create a miniature tree (or you could buy a bonsai tree for the purpose). Get some colored chart paper and cut it in the form of birds and tree animals like monkeys, squirrels,and bats. Have each guest leave their message or advice for the bride on one of these paper birds or animals and have them superglue it to the makeshift “tree”. The bride could not ask for a greater memento.
    Customized Bridal Shower Guest Books
    You could search online for color coded guest books or with the help of software like PowerPoint, Word and Photo Shop, you could create your own beautiful shower guest book. For the cover choose a lovely photo of the bride and groom together, which you could print and have laminated and for the interiors, you could customize each separate page for each separate guest complete with photos of the guest with the bride. Before leaving make the guest write kind and thoughtful words for the couple on the page meant for them.
    A bridal shower guest book do not only make great remembrance tokens but also a way of noting down each guest’s address and contact info in case the bride doesn’t know it in advance and she needs to mail in her thank you cards to the guests. Meaningful, beautiful and functional, guest books are a must at every wedding shower in some shape or form.