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Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts

Even though it is an accepted tradition, throwing a bridal shower can always be slightly embarrassing as it dictates that we ask guests to get gifts for the bride. No other occasion is as explicitly "gift grab" in nature as a bridal shower. For this very reason it is important to try and even things out by handing out shower favors to your guests as mementos of your immense appreciation. It is always important to have these return gifts and along with these gifts, you could think of "add-ons" to enhance the shower favors.  Sometimes it is lovely to add some poetry along with the favors you are returning to your guests. An artistic touch always makes the favor feel that much more personal and irreverent, without costing you an extra single penny for the effect. If you are searching for the tips and examples on how to pen poems which will accompany your favors, then fret no more as you have come to the right place. We also have suggestions and examples for bridal shower guests when it comes to writing poems meant to accompany their shower gifts for the bride.

So without much further ado, voila, our suggestions for bridal shower poems with gifts!

Tips While Wording Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts (Favors)

While wording a favor poem, emphasize on your gratitude to the guest/ guests for their gifts and attendance at the shower. Make sure that you express how much their presence at the event really meant to you and the soon to be wed couple. Here are a few examples:-

" For MJ's bridal shower,
 we asked you to shower her aplenty,
you kindly did as we requested,
now please accept this favor,
as a token of our limitless appreciation "

"Far and wide you searched,
to get the perfect gift for our bride to be,
We couldn't have asked for better,
Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution,
as Anne embarks on a new journey in her  life,
you gave her just what she needed,
so take this tiny favor as a sign of our gratitude,
let the memories it brings with it,
remain with you as long as the happiness and joy in the newly wed's' marraige,
a long time that is, needless to say!"

"Your mere presence at her shower,
 Would have been more than enough to please sweet Daisy,
but that you found it in your heart to get her such a wonderful present,
brings about a different glow to her world altogether,
So here's celebrating Daisy's wedded future and your magnanimity,
With a humble token of our gratitude".

You may recruit the help of a calligrapher to help pen these words with a flourish on smooth wooden or cardboard placards attached to the wrapped favors with pretty little ribbons.

Tips While Wording Bridal Shower Poems with Gifts (For the Guests' Presents for the Bride)  

Of course, it is not just the bridal shower organizers who may include poems with their favors, but also the guests with their gifts meant for the bride. It would be an incredibly thoughtful gesture, creative, unique, and the fact that you decided to include it on top of presenting a gift is sure to floor the bride. In this case, your emphasis should be on your hopes and wishes for the bride and groom's future, plus tentatively hoping that your gift brings a lot of joy in some way or the other in their wedded life. Here are some examples for the same:-

"You are crossing the threshold into a brand new world,
here's something which will make your journey a little smoother,
a little more familiar.
Hoping for the very best in your future with Adam,
Amy, this present is to remind you how much we love you".

(Followed by name of guest/ guests, if they are a couple or a family)

"Dearest Stacie, your life will never quite be the same again,
as you get ready to exchange vows with your beloved Harry.
But do not get too invested in your husband and your marriage-
to the point of forgetting all about us,
which is why we give you this token,
to remember us as the years go by".

"Sweet Bethany, never imagined you to make the big leap so fast,
yet here you are, about to take the plunge, amazingly with no signs of cold feet so far!
Oh Beth, how you have grown up!
Don't you ever forget about me!
So take this gift and keep it close to you,
it will help you maintain a place in your heart,
for me, your close friend Andrea".

So those were our suggestions regarding bridal shower poems with gifts when it comes to heightening the sentimentality of the gift, be it a shower favor from the bridal organizer to the guest or a shower gift from guest to the bride. Whatever the case, just be sincere and true to your personality while scripting the poem. Go on now! Feed the thirsty, untapped poet inside you.

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