Monday, 19 December 2011

Bridal Dress Game

bridal dress game

Bridal showers are events of nostalgia and where elders give advice to the bride on her future life. However, that does not mean there is just no space for fun and merriment. We have some wonderful bridal shower games based on the bridal dress, simply for your pleasure.

Drawing the Wedding Gown Bridal Shower Game

Give your guests a pad, paper, and a pen each. First ask them to write their name on the paper.
Next, ask them to put the pad over their heads.
Ask them to put the paper on the pad (with the side where they wrote their names facing downwards towards the pad so that the blank side is facing upwards). Now, ask them to imagine how the bride will look on her wedding day and tell them to draw her in that avatar on the page over their heads. Hilarity ensues. Give them ten minutes for their sketches and then collect their pads. Show the drawings to the bride and let her choose the lucky winner. (Don’t let her turn the pages to see the names on the underside of each sheet of paper).
Another variation of this game is, instead of making the guests draw the gown on the top of their heads, blindfolding the guests and making them draw the gown according to their imagination.

Hand Corsage Matching the Bridal Dress Game

Show the design of the bridal dress to the shower guests. Now, supply the raw materials- scissors, laces, flowers, fern, ribbons, artificial ornamentation, stalks, wire cutters, baby breath, and light mesh. Give them about 40 minutes to prepare a hand corsage matching the dress and pattern of the wedding gown. Once the time is up, collect all the corsages from the guests and give them to the bride for selection of the winner. If a corsage is particularly well made, the bride may wear it on her wedding day. Either ways, a great way to collect fun shower mementos for the bride!

So those were our top suggestions for bridal shower games- bridal dress, apt for an all girls’ showers. So unleash your guests’ creative skills and let them sparkle at the wedding shower.

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