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Bridal Shower Guest Book

bridal shower guest list
Bridal showers happen to be as close to the bride’s heart as the wedding itself. After all, a wedding shower has its own distinct identity separate from the wedding. Wedding showers tend to focus on the bride having a fun time with her family and close ones while the wedding is her union with her future husband and all about having a great time with him. So, it is essential that you make every effort to have the shower as memorable as the wedding itself. That is the role of the various incarnations of the shower guest book after all. The guest book primarily contains the bridal shower guest list which reminds the bride of her happy moments.
Let us have a look at the different variations of the bridal shower guest book as it exists:-
Different forms of Bridal Shower Guest Book
Photo Albums
What could be more festive than vibrant photo albums displaying a range of classily pasted images from the shower?
Kodak moments are priceless and while happiness may not always last for every second in real life, it will be frozen in a photo forever, especially if the photos are taken on the day of the shower. Many bridal shower ideas can help you assist in making different albums in a unique way. It is a common practice for a bridesmaid to take the photos of guests with the bride when the former just arrive with their gifts and then stick the photos into the guest book. One such suggested combination are Polaroid photos stuck on Adesso Albums because this way, the photos are obtained immediately, through the photos the bride keeps track of who brought which gift and the guests can immediately sign and write their messages on the guest book before leaving the party.
Porcelain Memories
Another unique way for the guests to sign and leave their messages is not with the help of a bridal shower guest book but with different porcelain plates patterned in different designs. The guests may write with special pens meant for porcelain on these plates which the bride could then display proudly on her kitchen or bedroom wall.
Memento Birds
With the help of twigs and branches, create a miniature tree (or you could buy a bonsai tree for the purpose). Get some colored chart paper and cut it in the form of birds and tree animals like monkeys, squirrels,and bats. Have each guest leave their message or advice for the bride on one of these paper birds or animals and have them superglue it to the makeshift “tree”. The bride could not ask for a greater memento.
Customized Bridal Shower Guest Books
You could search online for color coded guest books or with the help of software like PowerPoint, Word and Photo Shop, you could create your own beautiful shower guest book. For the cover choose a lovely photo of the bride and groom together, which you could print and have laminated and for the interiors, you could customize each separate page for each separate guest complete with photos of the guest with the bride. Before leaving make the guest write kind and thoughtful words for the couple on the page meant for them.
A bridal shower guest book do not only make great remembrance tokens but also a way of noting down each guest’s address and contact info in case the bride doesn’t know it in advance and she needs to mail in her thank you cards to the guests. Meaningful, beautiful and functional, guest books are a must at every wedding shower in some shape or form.

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