Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

bridal shower favors
The point of every bridal shower is to, as the name literally suggests, shower the bride with gifts for her future life. Basically, you are blatantly asking people to make an investment of their time and money just for the bride. In this economy, frankly that is asking for a lot. It is only proper to show a sign of your appreciation to your guests by giving them a token of your gratitude. Yes, we are talking about bridal shower favors. Here are some bridal shower favor ideas which would be highly appropriate for your bridal shower:-
Bridal Shower Candles
Candles are perfect ideas for bridal shower favors. You can obtain all different shapes, sizes, and designs of candles which would make for some unique bridal shower favor ideas. Scented, globular, sticks, no matter what the make, these candles are the perfect mementos for your bridal shower guests to cherish for the rest of their lives (or at least till the candles last).
Candlesticks and candle holders make for some good favor ideas too.
 Cutesy Teapots and Cups
One of my favorite bridal shower ideas for favors happens to be cute little teapots and cups, made from either delicate chinaware or metal. The fun thing about miniature teapots and cups is that you could pack them up in similarly cute little boxes, wrapped up in pretty, frilly, pink laced ribbons. It cannot get much sweeter than that!
 Engraved Thank You
This is a highly unique kind of bridal shower favor which would make for a token of lifetime remembrance for the bridal shower guest. All one has to do is take a wooden or metal slab and have a common thank you message engraved on it along with the personalized name of each shower guest on their respective favors. The message could be akin to something like the following:-
“Dearest [Guest’s Name], We cannot thank you enough for your contribution to our future. We will cherish and value your gift for the rest of our lives together, using it to help us remember the joy you shared with us as we were preparing to take a big step into a whole new world –[Bride and Groom’s Names]”
See to it that you do not exceed more than a certain word limit.
Miniature Crystal Figurines
Another brilliant kind of bridal shower favor would be tiny crystal figurines. It could be figurines depicting a loving couple in their wedding suits, two cozy lovebirds, or glass hearts. The available options are limitless.
 Bridal Shower Favors For an ‘All Ladies’ Affair’
For a bridal shower comprising of only women, you could choose from the following range of possibilities- fancily wrapped lotion bottles, perfumes, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, heart-shaped pendants, charm bracelets et cetera. If you would prefer, you may prepare a favor gift bag comprising of more than a couple of these items, one for each guest to take home and enjoy.
How did you like our list of bridal shower favor ideas? At the end of the day, it does not matter how cheap or extravagant your favors happen to be, what matters is being appreciative of your guests for the effort they took to add an extra shine to your bridal shower.

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