Monday, 26 December 2011

Bridal Shower Gifts-Butterfly Themed

bridal shower gifts

Have you been invited to a butterfly themed bridal shower and have just no clue what to present to the bride on her grand shower day? Well, fret no more as you have arrived at the right place. For the sole purpose of demolishing your woes and confusion over bridal shower gifts having a “butterfly theme” for the bride, we have compiled a number of items related to butterflies in some way or the other, which would make perfect bridal shower gifts for the bride (and, incidentally, some of which will make ideal bridal shower favors for the guests at a butterfly themed shower as well).

So without further ado, here is the list of butterfly gift items-

  • Photo frames adorned with butterfly designs and miniature butterflies attached on the fame
  • Wine glasses sporting elegant butterfly watermarks on them
  • Butterfly shaped candy dishes prepared from porcelain or china
  • Pretty little bracelet with butterfly charms attached to it
  • A set of butterfly shaped floating candles
  • A dainty white butterfly themed white garter from Lillian Rose
  • A ladies’ handbag themed with butterflies and made from smooth white satin
  • Bookmarks with a butterfly motif
  • Golden butterfly hairclips
  • Butterfly brooch encrusted with semi precious stones
  • White beaded butterfly themed guest book (also from Lillian Rose)
  • Butterfly shaped cookie cutters (come in all sizes)
  • Butterfly letter opener (Check out the glass butterfly letter opener by Murano Glass Collection)
  • Butterfly purse caddy/ handbag holder
  • Butterfly wine bottle stopper (yes, there is even a butterfly themed wine bottle stopper!)
  • Stylized butterfly candle holder
  • Elaborate butterfly shaped perfume bottles (Choice Crystal Collection has one such design perfect for gifting to a bride on her bridal shower)
  • Butterfly designed photo albums
  • Butterfly based candles
  • Butterfly wedding napkin rings
  • Butterfly themed flower girl basket

    Well honestly, there is no end to finding butterfly oriented bridal shower gifts for the bride either online or even at your nearest mall. Whatever you choose, ultimately it is the thought that counts behind the gift. Cliche, but true.

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