Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What to Wear for a Bridal Shower

bridal shower
There are so many different things which could be done with your personal wardrobe when it comes to a bridal shower. Initially, you are like- “Oh, what should I wear for the shower, I don’t have anything!” when in fact, you do have loads of stuff right there in the closet and are just too lazy to remove something and iron it out for the event. I am not blaming you; I am extremely guilty of the same, so I am just speaking out of personal experience.

To be fair though, different kinds of bridal showers require different types of outfits.

Formal Bridal Shower Wear

If the party is black tie or cocktail themed, then it is alright to put on your favorite cocktail black dress. For guys, a simple shirt, pencil thin black tie with black trousers and slim belt, would make one look quite dapper at the shower.

An All Girlie Affair

If it is just a party thrown for all the lady friends of the bride, then guests are allowed to wear their favorite summer dresses with matching shoes (provided the shower takes place in the spring or summer, of course). Hats could be used as accessories if it is an open air venue. Lean towards dresses sporting girlish colors like hues of pink, red, yellow, violet, and purple.

For winter bridal showers, the most recommended clothing would be pink, maroon, or lavender colored parkas, scarves, mufflers, overcoats, and long jackets (depending upon how cold it really is).

Garden/ Tea Party Bridal Showers

For garden/ tea party themed bridal showers, guests are advised to wear shades of green or white. Women may decorate their hair with lilies, lilacs, and leaf crowns around their heads. Men may wear casual polo shirts paired off with loose fitting and stripped cotton pants.

The same color coding holds true for beach themed parties, except instead of shades of green, people are encouraged to try out hues of sandy yellow, light brown, and sea blue.

So now you know what to wear for a bridal shower! Hoping to see you look killer at the next bridal bash!

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