Thursday, 29 December 2011

Theme-Based Bridal Shower Decorations

bridal shower decorations

Decorations are an important part of the bridal shower. They are based on theme. Once you decide a bridal shower theme you can easily arrange the decor as per the need. You also have to consider bride’s hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. Decorations consist of centerpieces, hanging decorations and balloons.

Theme-based Decorations

Love and Romance Theme – For this theme, candles, and vases filled with roses, romantic music, chocolates etc will be excellent for decoration.

Beach Theme – Fake / live Palm trees, string lights, fishnets with shells, surfboards, beach chairs and umbrellas lend a real beach feel to the venue. If you can book a beach location for this theme, nothing beats it!

Camping Theme – Mother Nature is the best backdrop for this theme. You can add tents, real / fake bonfire, lanterns etc. Also, backyard barbecue theme can be mingled with this.

Chocolate Theme – Heart-shaped homemade chocolates, balloons, streamers, chocolate fountain for centerpiece, chocolate cakes can make a good decor.

Christmas Theme – You can add Winter Theme with this and decorate the venue with either traditional red and white decorations or go for winter colors such as blue, white and silver. Santa poster with reindeers, sledge and fake snow made of cotton lends a Christmassy feel to the venue. Santa’s miniature gift sack can be an ideal centerpiece as well as a favor. Christmas tree, snowflakes adorned with rhinestones, miniature snowmen add to the decor.

Eco-friendly Theme – Real small plants, potpourri as a centerpiece, glass dinnerware add to the elegance and lend a beautiful feel to the eco-friendly Bridal Shower. Hurricane Vases adorned with votive candles can make excellent centerpieces as well as replace electricity and contribute to the cause.

Bridal shower centerpieces such as hurricane vases with flowers and candles look very beautiful and emit an almost ethereal glow to the venue! Miniature bride and groom make oh-so-cute centerpieces and can also be handed out as favors which can be used by the guests as decorative articles in their homes.

These are a few popular themes and the decorations that would lend an elegant look and feel to them.

The mantra is –

  • keep in tune with the theme

  • choose the venue carefully

  • be creative
    You will definitely end-up throwing the cutest Bridal Shower for the bride-to-be!

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