Monday, 2 January 2012

Elements In Decorating A Bridal Shower

bridal shower decorations
Decorating a bridal shower venue is an important task to be done while preparing for bridal shower party. Bridal Shower decorations are done according to the theme, the budget and the venue. The decorations can be theme-based such as beach, camping, Christmas, love and romance, kitchen etc. It also depends on the budget of the hostess and bridal shower ideas that make it memorable

Bridal shower decorations are a must to perk up your party. They can make or wreck the party. There is a lot of scope in this department and if you are creative enough you can find your own decorative ideas and make your party more personal.

A personalized decor always adds to the charm of the whole affair. While selecting the theme, you must consider the bride’s preferences, her likes and dislikes and inclinations as this is her day and it should be perfect. She should be able to let herself go and enjoy.

Some essential elements to remember while decorating the bridal shower venue:

  • Budget – Allot a certain budget to the decorations so that you don’t overdo it.

  • Theme – Decide a theme for your shower so that you will be able to narrow down the options for the decoration.

  • Bride - The basic thing to take into consideration is what the bride wants. To have a feeling that she is not enjoying it while the party is going on is surely going to make your heart sink. So always keep in mind that she is the center of attention.
    Types of Decorations

  • Hanging Decorations – Various types of hanging Decorations such as garlands, banners, etc can be found. For example, garlands made of crystal in pastel colors such as lavender, blue, pink are very cute. Similarly, banners made of custom messages such as congratulations, welcome etc are also available in the market. Banners are also made of wedding bells, flowers, heart-shaped balloons and paper lanterns.

  • Table Decorations – These decorations mainly consist of centerpieces. There is a vast variety available for centerpieces. For example, hurricane vases, glass vases, bud vases, candle holders, leaf pots, mini lanterns and potpourri make some of the excellent centerpieces.

  • Balloons – It is one of the most economical options for decorations. There are various types of balloons available in the market. Personalized balloons such as balloons carrying the names of the bride and the groom, balloon bouquets, weighty balloons etc are available in the market.
    You can find many other decor items which can be used for the purpose and you really need not go overboard. Everything is available on the internet. You can shop online as well as go to the local market to find the necessary items. Keep it simple is the ultimate mantra when it comes to bridal shower planning.

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