Thursday, 5 January 2012

How To Make Your Bridal Shower More Enjoyable

bridal shower games
During bridal shower planning, you need to concentrate on every little detail and bridal shower games are equally important. They are great ice-breakers. They help to strike up a conversation and let it flow especially when the guests are meeting for the first time. Everyone loves games; they create fun atmosphere and set the mood.

There are various types of bridal shower games such as icebreakers, funny, traditional, dirty etc. Some of these games are:

  • Bridal Bingo – Prepare Bingo cards with 25 empty spaces. Arrange them 5*5. Make the guests write on those cards the gifts that they think the bride will receive. Make the bride open her presents and check the presents that are mentioned on the cards. When someone has 5 in a row, say Bingo!

  • Word Scramble – Prepare a list of scrambled words related to the wedding and hand them over each to a guest. Specify the time limit and ask the guests to unscramble these words. The guest, who completes the set in the specified time, wins a prize.

  • Famous Couples Game – You can make a list of one half of the famous real and reel life couples and make the guests write down the names of the other half in a specified time. E.g. Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z or Monica and Chandler etc. The one, who completes the other half list in the given time, wins.

  • Cotton Balls – You require 2 bowls, one spoon and cotton balls for this game. One bowl is filled with cotton balls. The Guest is blindfolded and made to put the cotton balls from one bowl to another. The guest, who puts highest number of cotton balls in exactly one minute, wins a small prize.

  • Finish the Sentence – The guests are given a list of proverbs half written. They are not to write the correct proverb, instead write something funny. E.g. Behind every successful man……they should not write there is a woman, instead they can write
    Opening presents is the core activity of the bridal shower. If intertwined with games, this activity is not just limited to the bride but the guests can also participate in the same. Any activities prepared by care and attention will be deeply appreciated by the bride.

    The bottom line is, keep it simple, yet engaging. Fun, memories and joy those are the bridal shower games for you!!

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