Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cute Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors are a token of thanks, return gifts or memorabilia given by the bride to the guests as a ‘Thank You’ gift for attending the shower and showering her with gifts, love and best wishes. There are various types of cute bridal shower favors like a box of chocolates, bracelets, bath soaps with holders, skincare accessories, picture frame, make up kit, bookmarks, fur toys etc. These are some common yet popular bridal shower favors and yes, they are cute.

Arrangement plays an important role in the bridal shower favors. Some of the favors are arranged in a specific way at a specific place and guests are handed over tiny notes to remind them to take one. These are arranged in baskets and are usually in coordination with the shower theme. For instance, if the shower has a beach theme, jewelry made by sea-shells, bath accessories etc are given as favors. If the theme is Garden Party, favors such as seeds, small plants can be given. Different bridal shower ideas come with their own set of bridal shower favor ideas. You have to decide on which bridal shower favors suit your style and budget the best.

Some of the personalized favors include T-shirts or bracelets, fur toys, engraved glasses to each guest with their name and date of shower on it. These personalized gifts are expensive and are usually given only to intimate people such as bridesmaids, close friends, parents, family members etc.

Other favors include heart shaped cookies, spice jars or similar other containers, stemmed wine glasses (which could also be personalized), scented candles, wine bottles, fortune cookies, travel kit, flip flops, blankets, sports tees, coasters, toiletry bags or cosmetic cases. You name them and they are available in all sorts of cute types. These favors can be presented according to the theme of the shower.

You can also take into consideration the season in which the shower is held. For instance, if it is being held in winter, lip balms, moisturizers, and bookmarks shaped as snowman etc. can be given to the guests. For summer bridal shower, flowers, potpourri etc. can be given.

When it comes to bridal shower favors, there is a wide variety of choices. Let the creativity flow and you can make these favors most memorable ones. As these items have a wide range, you can find very cute items at an extremely affordable price.

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