Friday, 13 January 2012

Bridal Shower Party Planning

Bridal shower should be a fun and enjoyable event. If planned accurately, this could be a perfect event that the bride always dreamt of. All you need is a little creativity and readiness to put in some efforts for a perfect party with bridal shower planning.

While planning a party, one must think of bridal shower ideas, food, decor, theme, favors etc. These should be planned well in advance in order to avoid the ensuing chaos at last minute. These are the important elements of a bridal shower party and need to be taken care of.

  • Decor – The decorations of a bridal shower party depend upon the theme; yet it can be said that all that is girly or romantic can be used as a decoration item for this party. For e.g. pastel colored linens, balloons, candles, fairy lights, potpourri, etc. can be used as decor.

  • Theme – Assigning a theme helps narrow down the food as well as decoration options for such parties. You can always go for themed decorations including the dress code and menu selection for the party.

  • Menu – Food is an integral part of the party. In such parties, emphasis is always on the finger foods such as pizzas, sandwiches etc. Cake is an important factor in food as well as decor. Selecting food according to the theme is fun and easy.

  • Favors – There are various types of cute favors that can be given at the bridal shower party. You need to finalize them well in advance. You can either buy them from local vendors or internet or you can prepare small keepsakes at home to lend that personal touch to the proceedings.

  • Music – If you want to set a specific mood to the party, you can play the music accordingly. For e.g. romantic, retro, fun-filled etc. You don’t need to go overboard with the expensive DJ. Just get an MP3 player with the speakers, play some CDs of your choice and be the DJ for the night.
    These are most important factors in a bridal shower party planning. Once you get these things right, minor goof ups are ignored and the party is an instant success.

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