Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fantastic Bridal Shower Centerpieces

bridal shower centerpieces

A lush floral arrangement, a candles cape, a balloon centerpiece, or a standalone item related to your theme are all good options for the bridal shower centerpiece. You can have either one large arrangement or several smaller ones depending on your budget. Let us see some ideas for bridal shower centerpieces:

Floral arrangements

These are the most common bridal shower centerpieces one can use as they create instant color and aroma. You can put them in a clear vase and add a bow in same or contrast color to make them look more dynamic.

Artificial flowers

You can find them sold separately or even prearranged. A table centerpiece made with silk flowers is everlasting and most look very real. You can use a combination of silk flowers with greenery to make it look more elegant.


You can get a fountain of flowing chocolate that fills into a huge bowl, from which you can serve your guests. Or you can also have a beautiful figure carved out of chocolate which then can be cut into chunks and served with ice-creams as dessert.


These are a beautiful bridal shower ideas for centerpieces. They can be found in gift shops and craft stores. These are found in a variety of shapes. You can adorn the plain green ones with silk roses and ribbons in your chosen color to make it more attractive.

Unique gifts

You can place the unique gifts as bridal shower centerpiece which then can be gifted to the guests of honor as well.


Another great idea, when it comes to centerpieces for any occasion, is candles. Candle centerpieces are elegant, they look gorgeous, and they add that feeling of love into the atmosphere. You can have a gorgeous pillar candle centerpieces, or you can have a set of small candles, in antique candle holders. You can also have a glass bowl filled with water. Add a few drops of dye or ink (in the color of your choice) to the water. Then have a bunch of floating candles in it. Add a few gerberas and daisies, to have a candle cum gerbera daisy centerpiece.

No bridal shower is complete without a bridal shower centerpiece. Hope some of the above mentioned ideas will help you in creating a fantastic bridal shower centerpiece.

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  1. Best ideas of decoration for centerpieces. I like the candle and chocolate ideas specially.

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