Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Summer Bridal Shower Ideas

bridal shower ideas

Bridal shower is one of the most auspicious occasions in every woman’s life so it’s very important to make her bridal shower as one of the most unforgettable events of her life to make her feel special. You can add a lot of innovative themes and attractive decorations to make it special for her. You can also ask other family members to give different bridal shower party ideas,favors, some interesting games, food planning and much more. Here we will give you an idea on summer bridal shower to make your occasion more memorable.

  • During summer you can try different summer bridal shower ideas and themes. For instance you can go for garden shower theme. This particular theme is very unique and different. The duo may want to set up a casual registry at a local nursery garden for bulbs and plants they'd like the most. For bridal garden shower theme, visitors can get lilac bushes or landscape for the couple's as a bridal shower gift. You can also gift her tree as tree symbolizes freshness and peace.

  • Select the bride's preferred color, for example if her favorite color is pink and then you can create your shower theme around this particular color. It’s advisable that during summer you should go for light colors as they are more soothing to eyes.

  • If the bride loves to cook different dishes, then you can go for kitchen theme bridal shower. You can send your guests an invitation surrounded by small cuttings of wooden plates for a kitchen bridal shower and write the names of the guests on them. This idea will surely please the bride.

  • Select a bridal shower date as soon as possible; make sure that all your family members are free on this particular date. If you are planning to invite those guests who might have been invited to a different bridal shower for the same bride, make sure that you mention another present is not necessary.

  • Summer is considered as the best time for bridal shower as during this season you can please the bride with lots of beautiful flowers. Use different and innovative ideas for bridal shower to make it memorable.
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